I have a good taste in music

I don't have one favourite song, but I have several favourite albums: Led Zeppelin IV (Led Zeppelin), Parachutes (Coldplay), Good (Goodshirt), Crazy Yes Dumb No (Mint Chicks), Melodrama (Lorde), The Wall (Pink Floyd), Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd), Pure Heroine (Lorde), The Presidents of the USA and a few more I probably can't remember.

My taste in music is largely influenced by my dad - being brought up with his music made me love it. I'm playing Gr8 Violin at the moment which means I apprectiate classical music but I prefer alternative/rock and mostly older stuff - the only "new" music I like is Lorde. Sadly I've never actually been to a real concert, but I might go to one in the near future (cough cough when Lorde gets around to touring Melodrama in New Zealand)