Auckland Horse Havan

I volunteer at a horse rescue called Auckland Horse Havan every fortnight. I've been volunteering for over a year now and it's an amazing place. On Saturdays we go out and help look after the horses which have come to them - some are ex-racers, some are unwanted, some had owners who couldn't look after them. Each day brings something new, from teaching thoroughbreds from Hong Kong ground manners to working with the "wild" pony Rosie. On ANZAC day I had the amazing opportunity to ride the owner's horse, Arnie, at the Huapai Open Ribbon Day (horse show). I was really happy, placing 4th Best Heavyweight Mount and 4th again in a jumping class, which was amazing for someone who's never been to a show before, only ridden the horse 3 times prior, only jumped the horse once prior and was competing in a class of 25+ people with show horses. It was one of the best days of my life :)

Rayner Riding

The other place I go to fortnightly is Rayner Riding in Helensville. I was offered a position as a working pupil, which meant I could work at the stable for the day and then earn a riding lesson. It's an awesome riding school, with incredible horses and a focus on dressage. Sadly it may be closing down soon as it has been running for a very long time but it has already taught me a lot since I started in February.

Sonshine Ranch

The last place I ride at is Sonshine Ranch in Clevedon. I'm a Leader In Training for their Horse Camps, which I've been going to for a few years. This holidays I will be going as an L.I.T on Horse Camp 1, which I'm really excited for. Every day at camp we do activities and riding, and it's one of my favourite places in the world. Going every holidays really helped my riding and I learnt how to tack up and groom a horse properly at the Ranch. It's also where I get to see some really amazing friends and people so it's a great place.