I really am Irish!!!

About last year, I had a huge obsession with Ireland after watching the movie Sing Street. I began the desparate search to find Irish blood - being half Indonesian I definitely didn't look like it and it was a tough journey. Finally I found my great great grandma was Irish - making me 1/16th Irish, as well as another ancestor Mary Ann Noonan who arrived in NZ in 1840. For all those disbelievers out there, I can prove it to you. Paraphrasing our English teacher, "You can take the girl out of Ireland, but you can't take the Ireland out of the girl.

Ireland is really similar to NZ, being a small country that is green, has pubs, rugby and race horses and a great accent. I'm proud to say I know many Irish people and I'm proud to be 1/16th Irish. Also as you can see above, my favourite LP that I own (Led Zeppelin IV) HAS THE IRISH FLAG COLOURS!!!!!!!!! I also have a few Irish friends as displayed in the picture on the left. YAY IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!